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Wunder | Lemon Ginger


16mg THC

16mg CBD


Buy Wunder Lemon Ginger Online

Buy Wunder Lemon Ginger Online A low dose of 2mg Delta-9 THC produces mild euphoria. It can help mellow your mood and get you into a happier headspace. The 2mg Delta-8 THC creates more of an in-your-body sensation and physical relaxation. It helps release the tension in your shoulders and undo distracting tightness in your body. 4mg of CBD rounds out the experience, ensuring the overall effects are smooth, enjoyable, and soulful. Only 25 calories. 2mg THC/2mg Delta-8/4mg CBD

Onset times can vary by person, and for some, the effects can be felt in as little as 15 minutes. Start with 1 can, sip and savor the flavor.

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