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Wonderbrett | Grapes Of Wrath


1/2 OZ (14grams)

24.31% THC

0% CBD


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Buy Wonderbrett Grapes Of Wrath Grapes of Wrath – it’s a hardcore name for a hardcore strain, cultivated by the wunderkinds at Wonderbrett. Named after John Steinbeck’s novel about migrant farm workers in the Great Depression, the Grapes of Wrath strain has itself become a California classic. Innovators in the realm of elite cannabis genetics, Wonderbrett crossed Grape Pie x Jet Fuel Gelato to get this delicious sativa-dominant hybrid strain. The grape flavor is strong, with the subtle taste of citrus zest and a little graham cracker on the end. Users report a strong euphoric and uplifting high that doesn’t slow them down. And at almost 30% THC, a little can go a long way. Grapes of Wrath is best saved for the experienced cannabis user; beginners and low-THC users beware! Grapes of Wrath is a strain best saved for the end of the day. The strong indica effects will quickly relieve pain and tension, but it’s almost guaranteed you won’t get much work done. While your body relaxes, your mind will travel to outer space to contemplate such questions as “What was in the universe before the Big Bang?” before you drift off to a deep sleep. Wonderbrett calls Grapes of Wrath their “finest work;” high praise from the people who excel in ultra-premium cannabis flower. And we agree! Grapes of Wrath has it all: a potent high, delicious smell and taste, and most importantly, a pretty cool name.

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